Friday, December 2, 2011

FO Friday

For FO Friday (my first), I have a twofer. Sarah’s Super Quick Throw

and it’s pattern, which is available through my Etsy shop, KnitPurlHooked.

Sarah's Super Quick Throw

This throw works up quickly. I managed to finish this first one in just a week. Also, it’s idea for making a great bed scarf. You can even double the yarn for thicker and heavier results. The one I’ve completed and the other that I’m currently working on are slated for Christmas gifts.

Hop over to Tami's Amis to view all the wonderful FO’s.

Hours and hours later...

I worked on this post last night because I knew that today was going to be incredibly busy and I had planned on publishing this post this morning. Well, in the rush to get out the door my well lade plans got forgotten.

My Husband only has one day off a week, Friday. We had a list about a mile long of things that need to be accomplished soon. And we had this great idea of trying to do it ALL today.

Friday's Honey Do List:
1. Chop, load, and haul home a truck load of wood. Done.
2. Unload truck and load old 2 setter couch into truck. Done.
3. Take couch to local charity then go to store and buy new furniture. Done.
4. Haul new furniture home and get it in the house. Done.
5. Wrestle old 3 setter (and it weighed a freaking ton) out of the house and onto the truck. Done.
6. While Husband went back to get more wood, after taking couch to local charity, I put together our new recliner and couch (it took me 2 hours). Done.
7. Go to grocery store (with kids on a Friday evening) and purchase food, so that we do not die of starvation. Done.
8. Have Husband help me get Christmas decorations out from under bed and out of closet and haul downstairs. Done.

I'M EXHAUSTED! I need like a week off just to recover from today. Hope everyone else had a nice and relaxing day.

Happy Friday!

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