Monday, December 12, 2011

Monday Ramblings

I’ve noticed recently that my grandmother is slipping back into her German accent. As a child and through the years you would only hear it if she was terribly upset or angry. Also, at random moments she has been talking of her past. This comes from a woman who was born during The Second World War, having her father supposedly lost in action when she was the age of 4, and pretty much destroyed her whole family, has until recently denied her German heritage. I guess with age, she has come to terms with her past.

I took an internet hiatus over the weekend. Spent the majority of it finishing up the second Sarah's Super Quick Throw and helping Daughter to film and edit her video project for school. Also, Daughter agreed to pose with a new FO for me so that I could properly display it for my shop. We both froze our butts off during the shoot. It should be ready for listing and a revel by FO Friday.

The film project was an interesting experience, since neither of us have filmed or edited anything before. I believe (as a Mother would) that she has done an excellent job.

All my handmade Christmas gifts have been packaged and are ready to be shipped out on the morrow. I do hope that they arrive in time for the holiday.

Be Creative!

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