After having our daughter, 11 years ago, I found it hard to find time for my painting. Especially when she became mobile. As you can imagine baby prints everywhere. Which, while cute, is difficult to clean up when the little squirt doesn't want to hold still and then tries to get into the tracks she already left behind before I could move from cleaning her to cleaning the floor, wall, carpet, etc.

Being an artist I was going mad without my painting outlet and turned to crocheting, which I learned at an early age of 4 from my Grandmother. She began teaching me by giving me scraps of yarn and at first only chaining with my fingers. I have been now crocheting for 29 years. *cough* Haven't realized til this moment that it has actually been that long.

After a few years of crocheting and chasing our daughter around I needed a new challenge. We had recently learned that I was pregnant with our son and decided to teach myself to knit. Simple, right. Not so much with being dyslexic. During that 9 months I frogged many projects and from shear frustration came close to giving up and throwing it all away. But, I'm glad I stuck through it and have been knitting happily now for 8 years.

Recently, I opened KnitPurlHooked through Etsy as an excuse for all the yarn I have and to find homes for all the things I make. I enjoy designing and have opened a pattern store through Craftsy. Also, under KnitPurlHooked.

And every once in awhile when the house is quiet I will pull out my paints. But, nothing has really come of this, yet. I'm out of practice after eleven years of painting drought.

Writing and reading. I'm a dedicated fan of both. There is a small library in my house and I believe that the books are multiplying on their own now. Soon my Husband will have to build more shelves. Writing as a professional I'm fairly new to. I enjoy writing for magazines, flash fiction, and short stories. As of yet I have not been published. But, that is something I'm hard at work on.

My full time job is refereeing my family. Our two kids, my Husband, and our 3 pets are a handful and occupy the majority of my time.

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