Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My First WIP Wednesday

Originally, this post was going to be about the new hat that I was working on.

All was going well with my improvised pattern but the further I got along with it the more I didn’t like it. The hat has now been frogged. Ribbet!

I spent a long couple of hours last night separating this yarn.

Years ago, I had bought it to make myself a sweater. I did everything properly in preparation for the project, including testing my gauge, which I don’t do very often. Spent hours working on this sweater and when I assembled it I found that there had been glitches in the pattern resulting in some parts not lining up right. Well, I rigged it together and it didn’t fit. By this time, after all the work I’d spent on it, I was reduced to frustrated tears. The sweater was frogged and the yarn was put away. I was very disappointed, I don’t usually make stuff for myself.

Sarah’s Tip: when frogging a project that requires double strand, remember to separate the skeins as you wind the yarn up. Because years later when you go to use it for a new project that only requires one strand, it will take FOREVER to unwind into a single strand ball.

My new WIP is another Sarah’s Super Quick Throw.

When the holiday knitting/crocheting frenzies are over I will have more time to write this pattern up and have it offered for sale.

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Be inspired. Be creative.


  1. The yarn looks beautiful, so even if it was frustrating, it definitely looks worth the time spent separating the strands ;)

  2. Welcome to WIPW - this is only my second one, but love visiting all the other blogs.

    Love the yarn for your throw

  3. Frogging something that's not working can be so cathartic. Good for you for sorting all of it out -- now you'll have fresh yarn for something shiny and new.

  4. The hat yarn looks lovely, even if you don't like the hat. So true about frogging double strands of yarn!

  5. Gosh, I think the most of a hat is really nice; hopefully you put that gorgeous yarn to good use!

  6. The bold colors in that yarn have me drooling!! And yes, I do agree about frogging something double stranded. I just did that about two weeks ago re-winding the skein as a double strand without realizing it.

  7. Thank you for all the wonderful comments. Sorry that I haven't replied. It's been an incredibly hectic week. Happy knitting/crocheting everyone!