Wednesday, December 14, 2011

WIP Wednesday #3

It's been a rushed and hectic week, so this is going to be a quickie.

I have finished ALL of my Christmas  knitting/crocheting! Go me, go me. Whoop! Whoop!

Monday, I decided, like the maniac that I am, what a great idea a knitted sachet would be to put in the packages that I was sending out.

 So, the last two days I have been knitting like a fiend to make three.

After knitting the first one I realized that I was out of potpourri (of course). I ran out to our local store and they do not carry potpourri. Candles, yes. Liquid potpourri, why yes. The dry stuff, nada. Yesterday, I made a trek to the city and bought not one but three bags of them just to be sure.

Came home after fending off all the Holiday shoppers to put the sachets and packages together. Everything is now ready to ship out. Just have to haul it down to the Post Office.

OK! as I run my kids out to the bus stop so that I don't have to drive them to school (boo! hiss!) hop on over to Tami's Amis to check out more wonderful WIP's.


  1. Yay you! Maybe one year I will finish all my christmas knitting. This is NOT the year!

    Love the little sachets!

  2. Yay go you!! i have not done any xmas knitting this year :D love the sachets, such a fab idea

  3. You are awesome to be finished already, and with...eleven (eek, that's the first time I've counted. Time to pick up my hooks!) days to spare, even. I love the yarn and shape of your sachets. :)

  4. lovely sachets.. and great idea to include them as gifts. :-)