Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Winter Vacation is Over!

I meant to post yesterday. Well, with the kids trying to cram last minute Holiday fun into one day, I never got around to it.

Love my children. But, they are back at school! Happy Dance! They are good kids but, after spending so much time together they start to fight. I'm tired of playing referee and sending them to their opposite corners. Ding, ding, ding, come out swinging.

Hexipuff update. Bought new yarn some time ago to make Hexipuffs with. (Sorry about the awful photos, the sun had come up fully where my photographic center is by the time I was able to take them.)

There are now 33 Hexipuffs hanging about the house. I know it doesn't sound like much but, with everything else I'm working on, this is an accomplishment for me.

Patons Spumoni Stripes. I really like how this yarn is working up and am thinking about buying more to make a pair of socks with.

Micheal's Brand Redwoods. This yarn looks much better in person than what is shown in this crappy picture I took.

Micheal's Brand Ocean. I think this yarn would look great in a lace work shawl.

Oh, and as promised in a previous post, FO Friday #2, that I would link the Mobius Mosaic from my shop. It's my first listing of the New Year. I'm so happy to FINALLY have it available for sale. And I made a sale over the Holidays and to celebrate I bought....more yarn. Yeah! Can't wait for them to get here. I bought them for the Hexipuffs (of course).

Ugh! have I mention how friggin cold it is outside? Especially, at 7:30 in the morning when getting kidlets on the bus! Oh! and speaking of cold I have to go check the fire. Must keep that going if I want to stay warm :p See y'all tomorrow. I have a few things to share with the WIP Wednesday blog along.

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