Wednesday, January 4, 2012

It's Wednesday!

Lots to share, lots to share.

I got a book for Christmas (a staple present for me). It's one that I've been wanting for awhile but never got around to purchasing for myself.

My lovely MiL got it for me.

Already, I've read 3 of H.P. Lovecraft's short stories. Love it! And she gave me a B&N gift card to get more books. Yeah!

Also, I'm reading my absolute favorite Sherrilyn Kenyon novel. Okay, one of my favorites. It's so hard to have just one.

The only drawback is that, no matter how hard I try to slow myself down, I read it so quickly that I might as well be inhaling it.

Now, my newest WIP's:

First, I'm working on a soft basket, that I'm close to completion on.

It's a pattern out of More Last-Minute Knitted Gifts by Joelle Hoverson. So far, I'm enjoying this book and am eyeing a few more of her patterns to work up in the near future.

And second, I'm making one last Christmas decoration. It has multiple pieces and will probably take me sometime to make. But, nothing to hurry over, I'll be working on this in between other projects. Like I do the Hexipuffs.

It's another, pattern from Knitsimple Holiday issue 2011. I'm looking forward to hanging this next Christmas.

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  1. Love the garland! Can't wait to see it next Christmas :)

    I may have to order that Knit Simple. I see a few patterns I like.

  2. What a cute Advent garland! But what are you putting in all the little pockets?

  3. I've always wanted to read Lovecraft. You are getting a super early start on next Christmas and I love that!

  4. That basket is so cute, and I love the garland, it's going to look great

  5. Kenyon is a favourite of mine too, have you read Lynsay Sands, or Christine Feehan? Have to get that gift book looks good.

  6. Marie/Underground Crafter, I never heard of Lovecraft until 2011. Which I find odd because I was in the top English classes throughout school. And have read many classics by assignment and on my own. Oh well, I'm enjoying the book now and look forward to reading more of Lovecraft stories. It has even made many pull out my Poe collection and thumb through some of them.

  7. Willow4, Kenyon is my absolute fav author. I've read Feehan and have enjoyed hers but, haven't tried Sands yet.

  8. GirlAnachronismE, Minding My Own Stitches, and Mami Dearest, thanks. I don't have a subscription to Knitsimple any longer. They have great stuff but I feel that there are lulls between great issues. So, when I'm at the bookstore I check out what Knitsimple has to offer and go from there whether I'll buy that issue or not.

    I'm probably going to put a piece of candy each for my little ones in the pockets. They don't eat a lot of candy and don't mind them having a piece or two a day.

  9. Those look like really cute projects. And they use up leftover yarn, I would imagine. Always a good thing. ;-)