Friday, January 13, 2012

FO Friday #6

I'm late! As always. There are times that I find it hard to get to the computer in the mornings.

I've been following along with Interweave Crochet's Clones Lace along. Okay, this week's FO

is an Irish Rose (which was in the last issue) and a 3 Ring Clover with a buttony center (from this month's issue). Next issue there are going to be grapes. I'm enjoying making these as I learn a little about crochet's history. My two favorite things together, history and crochet/knitting. If you too are interested in these two check out PieceWork magazine. I LOVE it!

Now, hop on over to Tami's Amis to check out more wonderful FO's.


  1. History and crocheting together sound like a very, very tasty combination to me! And those flowers are just beautiful, the way the stitch texture shows up on them is so delicate and amazing.

  2. Pretty little flowers. Very delicate looking. Thanks for the visits and kind words about my quilts.

  3. LOVE history combined with my crafting! (if I wasn't a poor college student, I definitely would be getting PieceWork)
    Your flower is very pretty- nice work!

  4. MWitch3, Sandy, and Kathleen thanks. MWitch3 you should try out the library for PieceWork or the website for back issues. They usually sell them at a discounted price.