Friday, April 27, 2012

Something a Bit Different 3KCBWDAY5

~This is an experimental blogging day to try and push your creativity in blogging to the same level that you perhaps push your creativity in the items you create.There are no rules of a topic to blog about but this post should look at a different way to present content on your blog. ~

 My hands, an Artist’s hands, irreplaceable tools. They are callused, hard, scarred, cracked, and banged up.

My cuticles are dry and split, nails chipped and broken.

Nail salons cringe upon looking at them and scold me for the ill treatment of my hands.

But, they are my greatest beauty. Without them I couldn’t caress soft fibers or run yarn through my fingers.

Without my hands I couldn’t create my dreams.


  1. Ah, so true. I cannot even begin to imagine how my life would be like without use of my hands, no knitting!

  2. Your hands look perfect to me! :) I love this post, what a tribute to good friends.

  3. Truly lovely post and so right :)