Saturday, April 28, 2012

Improving Your Skillset 3KCBWDAY6

~How far down the road to learning your craft do you believe yourself to be? Are you comfortable with what you know or are you always striving to learn new skills and add to your knowledge base? Take a look at a few knitting or crochet books and have a look at some of the skills mentioned in the patterns. Can you start your amigurumi pieces with a magic circle, have you ever tried double knitting, how's your intarsia? If you are feeling brave, make a list of some of the skills which you have not yet tried but would like to have a go at, and perhaps even set yourself a deadline of when you'd like to have tried them by.~

Not tooting my own horn but, I believe that I am fairly knowledgeable in my craft and am confident in my skills. Though, there is always something I can improve upon. I am always looking for a new technic to try to further my knowledge.

Currently, I am learning how to knit two socks at a time toe-up on one needle. I’m using Toe-Up-2-at-Time Melissa Morgan-Oakes to learn this new skill. She has a great starter pair of socks to make that is a simple pattern to follow that I breezed through it quickly, finishing my first pair in two days.

I’m planning on making a second to go with the first so I have matching socks to donate to my local charity.
Also, I am learning about Irish Crochet and the traditional technics used in this craft. Interweave Crochet has been having a great tutorial on it in their magazines to follow along with.

Amongst my goals for 2012 is to learn Tunisian crochet. I’ve picked up Get Hooked Tunisian Crochet by Sheryl Thies to help me along with this. And also, I would like to learn how to build a sweater from scratch. Luckily, I just won Custom Crocheted Sweaters, Make Garments That Really Fit by Dora Ohrenstein from a Knit Picks contest.

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  1. Two socks at a time toe-up is just the best way to knit socks, well in my opinion. They always turn out so much more professional looking than by any other method. Those little guys you just finished look so cute!