Friday, March 16, 2012

FO Friday #14

Secret project # 1 is complete but, I can't show it. If and when it gets approved maybe I'll be able to share it here. Here's hoping that it does get it's approval and passes all the criteria.

Son's derby car is done. Yeah!

And he had his races on Sunday. His car went an average of 220 mph!

Love Son's snazzy paint job!

But, he didn't win. The winning car went 232+ mph! 84 cars were enter and it took four hours to complete the races. There were more than one subcategory at the races. Out of the Cub Scouts, Son, came in fourth. He is already talking about next year's races. Lord help me.

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  1. Secret project? Sounds like fun! Glad to hear that your son had a wonderful time!

  2. 220 mph sounds pretty speedy - must be the flames that make it go so fast!

  3. We'll be waiting to see the secret project!