Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Birth of a Pattern

An acquaintance of my is pregnant. This has gotten my fingers itching to make baby socks. I've poured over dozens of patterns, but nothing has appealed to me.

These last few days my mind has been churning, cooking up a baby sock pattern for me to knit.

I use a spiral index card notebook to jot notes in as I'm writing/working on a pattern. It's portable and the neon colors make it easy to keep track where I am at in the process. The note paper pictured is showing my math for knitting up the length, gusset, and heel. Unfortunately, math is a necessary evil when working up patterns for either knitting or crochet :}

Once I've gotten all the kinks and bugs worked out of this pattern I'll upload it to Ravelry for a small fee.

Happy knitting!

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