Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ballet Shoe Bag - Pattern

Ballet Shoe Bag

A KnitPurlHooked Pattern by Sarahfay Lucy

This bag came about because my daughter needed something to put her ballet shoes in so that they wouldn’t dirty the rest of her ballet gear in her dance bag. This nifty little bag can be used for a multiple of purposes (i.e. jewelry, glasses, a catch-all, etc.)

Measurements: Approximately 5”x10”.

Yarn: Ocean Spray by Naturally Spa. 75% Microdenier Acrylic & 25% Rayon from Bamboo. 3 oz. /85g. 251 yds. /230m.

Notions: 4 US 6 (4mm) DPN’s, 2 US 4 (3.5mm) DPN’s, and a darning needle.

Gauge: 22 stitches and 25 rows = 4” in stockinette stitch.

Stitch Abbreviations:
DPN = Double Point Needle
K = Knit
K2tog. = Knit 2 together
KW = Knit Wise
PM = Place Marker
PW = Purl Wise
St(s). = Stitch(es)
Cast On:
Using the US 6 DPN’s, cast on 48 Sts. Separate to 3 DPN’s, 16 Sts. each. Join in round and PM to mark the beginning of work.

Body of Bag:
K every row until the body of the bag measures 8”.

Make 4 Holes for Drawstring:
K 2 Sts., yo, K2tog., K 20 Sts., yo, K2tog., K1, yo, K2tog., K to 2 Sts. before end, yo, K2tog.

Knitting the Fold:
K every St. for 2”. Loosely bind off.

Drawstring (I-Cord):
Make 2
Using the US 4 DPN’s, cast on 3 Sts., slide work to opposite end of needle, *K 3 Sts. DO NOT turn, slide work to opposite end of needle, K 3 Sts.* repeat from *to* until I-Cords measures 10” or desired length. Leave a 4” tail.

Closing the Bottom of the Bag:
I decided to use the Kitchener’s stitch to close the bottom with.
Pick up cast on stitches along bottom of the bag with the US 4 DPN’s. Using the Kitchener’s stitch; insert darning needle KW into 1st St. on 1st needle, slip St. off needle, insert darning needle PW into 2nd St. on 1st needle, leave on needle, insert darning needle PW into 1st. St. on 2nd needle, slip St. off needle, insert darning needle KW into 2nd St. on 2nd needle KW, leave on needle. Continue in pattern until all Sts. have been slipped off needle.

Weave an I-Cord through all 4 holes and tie together using the tails; weave the tails into the I-Cords, cut off any excess. Repeat for 2nd I-Cord.
Now take the fold and overlap the I-Cords on the inside of the bag and sew down.
Weave in any loose ends.

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