Thursday, May 19, 2011


This morning I took my extra large tote full of goodies that I've made and dragged it outside. Praying that the rain would hold for a little while I spent an hour and some taking pictures of everything in that tote. Well, almost everything. I'll save the winter stuff till this fall.

I bet my neighbors thought I was crazy as I was setting my stuffed frogs up in our grapevines to photograph them. Or when I kept dragging one of the blankets out to take another picture of it because I thought of another way that it would look better. Or probably when I was mumbling to myself and the stuff I made as I was setting them up. Who knows.

I spent the rest of the day tweaking the pictures I had taken, making a banner, and other general nuisances that go into setting up a new shop. in the next couple weeks I will be posting new items. Enjoy!

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