Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Doing It!

I noticed recently that my writing style is short and exact. Probably because all that time I did research. I have written a lot of non-fiction. Not published but still there. I've been trying my hand at fiction and I am having a hard time expanding myself to a large word count. I don't know if this is due to a lack of experience or if this is just a natural occurrence. So, I've been experimenting with Flash Fiction. And I like it. Maybe in the future I will be able to extend myself further but for now I'm happy.

Smoke Long Quarterly gave me my very first rejection. I'm so happy! I know that is weird. But, it shows to me that I'm doing it. Not just saying it. And they liked my piece but it didn't fit their style. Since then I have received two more rejects for the same piece. Second publisher stated the same as the first. And the third publisher said that he liked the story until the ending but that was his personal taste. Still happy. I need to spend some more time researching publishers to see if I can find a place for this story. I'm getting ready to start a new class on the 20th. It's for writing short stories. If all goes well hopefully I will have another piece that I can submit and get published.

Also, I finally talked myself into calling the dentist. I have an appointment on the 21st. Oh, joy! Not looking forward to it but something has to be done. My teeth are getting so bad that I'm having a hard time eating.

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